Thursday, January 07, 2010

No snow.. but plenty of burlesque!

When it comes to getting inspiration for my projects, it's usually from the 1940's girls of the Pin-Up and Burlesque culture. Back when Burlesque first cam about, it was a humorous theatrical involving parody and grotesque exaggeration. Then in the 20th century U.S. of A, it became associated with a variety show including, the obviously main attraction.... striptease.
No no... its' not what your thinking. I don't mean g-strings and and those sky high heels. I'm talking about over-the-top themed costumes, feathers, pin-up, and pasties!

I've attached a link of a lovely video I found of Gypsy Rose Lee, the mother of Burlesque dancing... this woman is a true role model and pioneer. And also enjoy these images of vintage and modern day burlesque... if you need directions on how to make pasties after this...

PS... Here's a website to directions on how to make your OWN pasties... I won't tell!

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