Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year, New Trends

Happy Monday everyone! Time for school and work to fire back up, so I hope you've had your coffee fix for the day. Eye candy for today? These adorable pieces from an online store named Nostalgia, found on I'm planning to purchase the animal one-shoulder dress... it reminds me of the animal crackers I use to devour when I was younger.
How delectable is this dress! You could either
wear it as a cocktail frock or a post-modern
wedding dress... ooo la la!

She's right... this definitely reminds me of
Lady Gaga attire.. very 80's but very glam rock n' roll.
You've got to have guts to pull this one off.

It's simple, but I adore it because it's versatile...
wear in the dead of winter with patterned tights, AND the spring with brown
gladiators. Yes, yes, and yes.
detailing is a lovely genius that I must

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